Snoop Taking it All Off With Burlesque at Tao

Tom Cruise is feelin' it.

Tom Cruise is feelin’ it.

Holly Madison is going to have some competition in the burlesque game. She might be getting there first with her 1923, but she’s going to have to face down Snoop for supremacy among club settings with a ’20s speakeasy vibe.

Snoop Dogg is starting the Snoopadelic Cabaret on May 3 (after Mayweather-Maidana) for six dates at Tao, where he’ll play emcee and hit the booth as DJ Snoopadelic. Drop Prohibition like it’s hot? Nothin’ but a G-men thing? Wait, wait–Bathtub gin and juice.

Give Hillary Clinton credit for being quick. She was giving a speech at Mandalay Bay yesterday when a woman chucked a shoe at the former Secretary of State. This is what happens when you stop people from bringing in tomatoes to speeches. Clinton deadpanned, “Is that part of Cirque du Soleil?” Cirque has announced Shoe: The Musical will replace Believe starting June 1.

Howard Hughes may have been the first non-Mobbed-up casino mogul, but recently declassified documents say he also was hunting for Red October. In 1928 the Soviets lost a nuclear-armed sub in the Pacific but couldn’t recover it. The government found it, but needed help in the salvage operation. Enter Howard Hughes, who in 1974 built a giant ship to pull the sub off the ocean floor. The cover story as that he was trying to mine manganese nodules in the sea. Because the government is terrible at coming up with simple cover stories.

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