Upcoming Shows: Rising Bands, Rocking Swedes, Thrashing Hatchets


Palaye Royale compete in the Hard Rock Rising Las Vegas battle-of-the-bands April 18

In addition to Doom in June (June 6-7), there’s another in-town festival for heshers this summer. It’s called Las Vegas Death Fest 6(66), and it’s being hosted by LVCS for three nights (June 12-14) of the most intense, eardrum-splitting music from all over the planet. The 55 band names alone are worth the price of admission ($75 for three days, $30 for single-day, FiggZillaMusic.com). My favorites include: Corpsefucking Art from Italy, Intravenous Contamination from Germany and Amputated Genitals from Colombia.

Now, on to the cool live music this week: The final round of the Hard Rock Rising Las Vegas battle-of-the-bands contest takes place at 8 p.m. April 18 at Hard Rock Live. The winning unsigned local artist advances to the national level of the competition, with a chance to perform at a music festival in Rome. I judged the second round last month, and the victor should be piano-based Avalon Landing, which I describe as a more organic, less pretentious Coldplay. Runner-up is probably heavily mascara-ed Palaye Royale, a band that looks like Falling in Reverse but sounds like the Rolling Stones.

Swedish blues-rockers Graveyard are slated to spook at 9 p.m. April 21 at Vinyl at the Hard Rock. Sure, Graveyard released its third disc, 2012’s Lights Out, on metal label Nuclear Blast. But the band is closer in style to the Black Keys than to Black Sabbath. My favorite Graveyard track is “Endless Night,” with singer-guitarist Joakim Nilsson sounding like Glenn Danzig fronting the Yardbirds (minus the incessant noodling). I suspect this show will go down as being among the best (along with Lydia Loveless and Deafheaven) underground Vegas rock shows of 2014.

San Francisco thrash-metal band Hatchet hacks its way at 10 p.m. April 22 into the Dive Bar. The band’s 2013 disc Dawn of the End boasts old-school riffage, sneering vocals and shred-tastic guitar solos.

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