Things I Love: Sandwiches, Eggs, Surprise Oysters and Red Rock

DWG_Italian Sandwich_PRESS

My love for sandwiches is well known. I’m always on the hunt for the next best thing served between two slices of bread. Most recently, La Cave (in Wynn, 770-7375) has piqued my interest, offering a new spread of sammies for lunch during the week. Vegetarians will be happy with a Caprese-style number ($12) bearing fresh mozzarella, basil and pepperoncini olive tapenade, while the pulled pork ($16) looks like a flavor bomb, topped with Nueske’s bacon, dill pickles, Swiss cheese and sweet garlic mustard. The New York Steak, however, is calling my name, with caramelized onions, Gruyere and garlic mustard aioli ($19).

I’ve also got a soft spot for eggs, prepared any which way, but especially deviled. Whenever they’re on a menu, I am compelled to order them. Which I did, naturally, at Brooklyn Bowl (in the Linq, 862-2695) along with the Bromberg brothers’ famous fried chicken, the nostalgic San Gennaro French bread pizza (Stouffers never tasted this good!) and the savory roasted adobo corn topped with queso fresco, chipotle butter and lime. Then I learned I could order one of the restaurant/concert venue/bowling alley’s best-kept secrets: the signature egg shooters, which can be garnished with yet another of my most-craved ingredients—oysters. Order the giant, fried, plump oysters topped with pickled jalapeno and Anaheim peppers to crown the creamy deviled egg. It’s a bite that you’ll be glad you discovered.

But there’s always room to make new favorites. Though it’s less than a decade old, Red Rock Resort (797-7777) is preparing to add a slew of new restaurants, thanks to $35 million from parent company Station Casinos. By the end of this year, we’ll get an established name in the Chicago restaurant game, Mercadito, from the Sandoval brothers, who will bring margaritas and traditional-yet-creative Mexican fare from their award-winning flagship eatery. The Light Group will expand beyond the Strip to manage a new, as-yet-unnamed spot designed to emulate the neighborhood dining experience, with a market-driven, small-plates menu, craft beer and extensive wine list. Terra Rossa says arrivederci to make way for a new contemporary Italian restaurant, while Asian dining also gets an upgrade with the addition of a noodle-bar concept located between the Grand Café and high-limit gaming room. Aside from the noodle bar, the other upcoming establishments will all be built to create a restaurant row along the Charleston Boulevard entrance, with plenty of outdoor space.

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