Concert Review: Chance the Rapper

Photo by Chase Stevens/ Retna/ Kabik Photography

Photo by Chase Stevens/ Retna/ Kabik Photography

Partying in Vegas for your 21st is a rite of passage, but few do it onstage in front of hundreds, as did fiery Chicago spitter Chance the Rapper. More than a birthday bash, it was a celebration of what a rap performance should be. Scratch that—what a rap/rock/jazz/soul hybrid performance should be. He and his four-piece The Social Experiment reinvented joints from 2013’s breakthrough Acid Rap mixtape, punching his raspy vocals on songs such as “Smoke Again” with heavy guitar riffs and “Pusha Man” with horn solos. While the band completed the experience, Chance proved why he was one of Coachella’s most praised showmen with his spastic James Brown-like dancing, off-key crooning and humble interaction with the crowd. After playing “(Interlude) That’s Love,” he regretted not being able to say “I love you” to everyone individually. And when the crowd sang “Happy Birthday,” he responded appreciatively, “I fuck with Vegas very tough for doing that.” While everyone’s thirsty for new material (he teased us with the unreleased “Somewhere in Paradise”), all I want to know is: When’s the live album coming out? Just, you know, make it more than an hour long. ★★★★✩


Everybody’s Something
Pusha Man
Smoke Again
Brain Cells
Favorite Song
Believe in Yourself (Arthur theme song) (Ziggy Marley cover)
Life Round Here
Somewhere in Paradise
Everything’s Good
Chain Smoker

Photos by Chase Stevens/ Retna/ Kabik Photography