Rock in Rio to Build $40M City of Rock at Corner of Las Vegas and Sahara


When Rock in Rio lands in May 2015, it’s going to have a city to call home. Well, a city other than Las Vegas, we mean. A city within a city. A City of Rock. Not unlike the Vatican in Rome, but with significantly louder amps and slightly fewer goofy hats.

Robert Sillerman’s SFX Entertainment teamed up with MGM Resorts and Cirque du Soleil (in a strictly equity investor/production support capacity) to put on the two-weekend Rock in Rio festival on the acheter cialis france corner of Sahara Avenue and Las Vegas Boulevard.

To pull it off, the festival will construct its City of Rock—just like in Brazil, Spain and Portugal—at a cost of about $40 million on the 33-acre vacant lot. The city will place five stages and a series of streetscapes representing Brazil, the U.S. and the U.K. amid an amusement park (game on, Adventuredome).

“It takes about 45 days to set it up. It takes about 30 days to break down. What’s left is basically an astroturfed, plumbed, electric lit, gated environment that could then house additional music festivals,” says MGM Resorts Chief Marketing Officer Bill Hornbuckle. “It could house UFC for 50,000 on site. It could house a championship fight for 50,000. We could put MLS exhibition soccer out there. But it’s a temporary venue. Whether this ultimately takes on more permanency, well, Las Vegas Strip land at 33 acres is premium. Time will tell. But for now what it does for the north end of the Strip, I think the happiest man today is Sam Nazarian [CEO of SBE, which is building the SLS Las Vegas across the street]. If it’s lasting, we’ll figure out a way to do something more permanent.”

Beyond the 2015 event, which is expected to attract upward of 80,000 concertgoers per day, Rock in Rio is already committed to festivals in 2017 and ’19. Part of the goal is to boost Latin and European travel to Las Vegas. While a lineup hasn’t yet been announced, this year’s Rock in Rio in Lisbon, Portugal is headlined by The Rolling Stones May 29. So we assume they’re hard at work trying to clone Elvis to make an even bigger splash for the Vegas debut.