An Afterhours Party on the Move, and Lorde Meets Brett

Illustration by Jon Estrada

Illustration by Jon Estrada

We’re going to talk for a moment about vampires. And not just because we’re determined to live by E L James’ example and piggyback off Twilight fan fiction into wild success and fabulous wealth by way of mildly erotic drivel. No, we’re going to talk about vampires because we’re pretty sure Las Vegas is home to some sort of bloodsucker confab.

Case in point: After—the after-hours party at the Tommy Wind Theater—started each Sunday at 3:30 a.m. And we all know who comes to party in the middle of the night like that. (We’re not saying we saw Bela Lugosi come out of there just before dawn one day; we’re just saying we picked up a sweet souvenir cape and medallion when he turned into a bat and flew off.) But the party, which started its run in early February, is already going on hiatus following a dispute between party organizer Thom Svast and building leaseholder Tommy Riccardo.

The two had an agreement to split the cost of paying DJs, but Svast alleged Riccardo wasn’t coming up with his half. Riccardo didn’t deny it, saying to, “Sometimes checks bounce, and we always cover them. We never screw anybody. We do owe After some money, which we’re absolutely paying him today.”

Riccardo says he broke off the arrangement because of some equipment that went missing following one of the After parties. Svast says he’s in negotiations with two or three other operations, and is considering a freestanding location off-Strip. “After-hours is kind of its own beast as it is,” Svast says. “We’re trying to figure out what’s best for our future.”

Which is good news for vampires-at-large, but what about vampire-in-specific? Lorde claims she’s 17, but there’s a vocal contingent of the Internet braying that she’s much older. What do we call a person (or undead creature) who’s much, much older than they claim to be, and also dresses extra gothy? You’re damn right.

The New Zealand Nosferatu did a show on April 15 at the Cosmopolitan’s Boulevard Pool, where she finally met the inspiration for her hit “Royals,” George Brett. Brett was invited to go backstage and hang out. Meanwhile, Lorde spent the next evening visiting the Little White Chapel on Las Vegas Boulevard and rapidly dodging wooden stakes and garlic cloves.

Finally, Jason Derulo and girlfriend Jordin Sparks hit Tao on April 19 for dinner and a performance to celebrate two events: the release of his album, Talk Dirty, and the birthday of her father, former NFL cornerback Phillippi Sparks. Earlier in the day, Derulo performed at Tao Beach for a crowd that included Ryan Kwanten of True Blood.

See? See the threads of this bloody tapestry weaving together? Now go ahead and try to tell us that documentary Fright Night was wrong about vampires taking over.

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