Upcoming Shows: Ghost Rockers, Gypsy Punkers and Hardcore Heroes

Ghost B.C.

Ghost B.C. play House of Blues April 25

How’s your post-Coachella hangover? Better take another Tylenol because this week Las Vegas is rife with great live music for the eclectic soul.

My favorite band of this or any moment? Swedish occult-rockers Ghost B.C. perform their sonic absolutions at House of Blues at 8:30 p.m. April 25. This darkly surreal quintet of nameless, “anonymous ghouls” walks proudly in the psychedelic footprint of classic bands such as Blue Öyster Cult, which means you should expect an emphasis on radio-savvy hooks and crepuscular keyboard motifs. Theatrically, the band’s stage presence is at once hilarious and nerve-rattling—hooded robes, a skull-faced singer dressed like a dead pope and enough incense to choke a choirboy. Count newest Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Dave Grohl (Nirvana) among their fans, and if you haven’t heard Ghost B.C. tracks “Ritual,” “Elizabeth” or anything from the group’s 2013 disc Infestissumam, you’re in for a razor-candied treat. Seattle gothic-folk singer King Dude opens.

Gypsy-punk ensemble Gogol Bordello will no doubt get musically rambunctious at Brooklyn Bowl at 11:30 p.m. April 26. The New York octet, led by Ukrainian singer and madman Eugene Hütz, is among the best live acts these days, and their most recent studio effort, Pure Vida Conspiracy, puts a little border-town spice into their already-diverse world-music stew. Recorded in El Paso, Texas, Conspiracy simmers with chunks of polka, Mexican Norteño, Tex-Mex rock and full-on mariachi. But there are also bits of Celtic bagpipes, reggae grooves and accordion breaks and everything else you can think of in terms of instrumentation. There are certainly enough musicians onstage to replicate this buffet of styles, so come with hungry earholes. And if you haven’t experienced the profound beauty of Bordello’s lovely waltz “We Shall Sail,” you’d better bring a hanky for the inevitable teardrops. (Gogol Bordello also plays Brooklyn Bowl on April 25 and May 2 and 3.)

If that sounds too musically dense for you, you should consider paying homage to longtime hometown metallic-hardcore heroes Hemlock. The veteran local band (we’re talking 20-plus years of headbanging) is set to lay waste to LVCS at 9 p.m. April 26. The band has been riding high since releasing 2012’s The Only Enemy, a truly devastating disc that includes cuts such as “Hollowpoint Promise” and “March of the Idiots.” If there has ever been a band that stuck to its guns, it’s certainly these guys. You should definitely bring earplugs—the kind used at gun ranges—for this show, because Hemlock takes no prisoners. Also on the bill: Bipolar, Substance, Someday Broken, Obsidian Order and Pillars of Creation.

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