Spot a Hot Mess Roaming the Streets of Las Vegas

HotMess-3517_NEWAttendees of local street events such as First Friday and Vegas strEATS are likely to encounter the Hot Mess Boutique bus—jam-packed with its payload of trendy, affordable fashion and accessories and friendly owners Christilee Ahnee and Chris Zanuta on board. The duo had long dreamt of creating a business together but hadn’t been able to lock in on a concept until the day inspiration struck Ahnee while she was relaxing in a tanning booth. “That’s where I do my best thinking,” she says. Zanuta agrees: “She came out and said, ‘Let’s sell bathing suits out of a truck at pool parties.’ Right there, I was all in.”

Three short days later, Ahnee and Zanuta were the proud owners of a decommissioned 1973 LAPD riot bus, complete with windshield bullet hole. After a fanciful interior renovation in a style Ahnee describes as “Alice in Wonderland meets Vegas,” Hot Mess now stocks everything from dresses to leggings, jewelry and more, spotlighting local fashion and jewelry designers. The bus will also come to your private event, should you want to host a night of cocktails and shopping with your BFFs. With a price point of $2-$50, this is one bus fashion-conscious ladies will definitely want to catch.

A version of this story appeared in the April 2014 issue of Vegas/Rated. For more from Vegas/Rated, visit, or download the Vegas/Rated app.