Weekend Kombat: Hot 100 vs. Ghost

Finish him! Bikinality.

Finish him! Bikinality.

Everybody has hard choices to make about how they’re going to spend their weekend. Some choices are harder than others. This week’s showdown: The premiere bikini-based event of Las Vegas summers vs. the premiere metal band made of undead druids. FIGHT!

Hot 100 Ghost B.C.
What: A bevy of beauty contest hopefuls spread out over two months. What KISS would be if KISS played a lot of D&D. Advantage: Hot.
When/where: Wet Republic, today. House of Blues, tonight. Advantage: Hot.
The star: The 100 girls who are willing to be judged in, essentially, underpants in public. Some kind of evil skeleton pope. Advantage: This is closer than it should be, but we’ll go Hot.
Best enjoyed by: 14-year-old boys. 14-year-old antisocial boys. Advantage: Ghost.
Music: Provided by DJ Shift. The evil circus riffs of “Secular Haze.” Advantage: No disrespect to Shift, but evil circus music is basically the greatest. Ghost.
Hails from: Wherever attractive girls call home, but mainly Las Vegas, Phoenix and SoCal. Sweden. Advantage: Sweden started this whole thing with their bikini team, and we’re nothing if not thankful to our forebears. Ghost.

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