LinkedIn Used to Mean How You Were Kept in Siberian Prison

comradgrumpyGot another email the other day from LinkedIn, this one encouraging me to “check out so-and-so’s new skill.” So-and-so is a coworker and also a longtime friend. I called him over to cialis 20mg online my desk, showed him the email, asked him about this alleged new skill (“digital media,” whatever the hell that is) … and promptly hit “delete” as he looked over my shoulder.

My friend wasn’t the least bit offended, in part because he wasn’t even aware of his new talent, and in part because he’s fully aware of my disdain for LinkedIn—or, more precisely, LinkedIn’s users who incessantly pepper my inbox with “requests to connect.” Mind you, most of these requests are coming from people I don’t know—complete strangers who must believe being cyber-associated with me will somehow be a boon to their careers. Newsflash: I can’t help you. And I’d imagine the feeling is mutual. So, with all due respect: Why are you wasting your time … and mine?

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go add “digital-media skills” to my profile …