Make Room, 702: Here Comes the 725


For Southern Nevadans, dialing a local phone number will never be the same again. Beginning May 3, calling or texting any Clark County number will require 10 digits with the arrival of the 725 area code.

The Public Utilities Commission approved the new area code in 2012 because of the declining availability of phone numbers starting with 702, which had been the area code for the entire state until 1999, when every number in Nevada outside of Clark County was assigned a 775 area code.

The addition of 725 will now require dialing the area code with any telephone number for all landlines and cellphones in Clark County, including Laughlin, Mesquite and Moapa Valley. Beginning June 3, any new number issued will be assigned the 725 area code, regardless of its location within Clark County.

So if you haven’t already been updating all those numbers saved in your cellphone for years, you better get on it.

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