Decoding Guy Fieri

What the chef, TV personality and UNLV alum—who recently opened a Vegas restaurant—means when he says…


One can only taste so much food on TV and maintain the ability to generate original remarks. After an unreasonable number of hours spent watching Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, we believe we’ve deciphered host Guy Fieri’s system of compliments—a language of love that, once cracked, offers insight into the thoughts percolating beneath those bleached locks. Behold: The Fieri-nheit Scale.

Rating Fieri Says Fieri Means
1 “Nice Job.” “Indeed, this is food.”
2 “Rich.” “This dish possesses much flavor, though I do not care to discern exactly what flavor that is.”
3 “Nuts.” “This is good in a way that confuses me.”
4 “On Point.” “In my mind, I see a Venn diagram of ‘things I have tasted’ and ‘things that are tasty.’ This falls perfectly in the middle.”
5 “Money.” “I understand that many people pay to eat such a delicacy as this. Were it not for my behind-the-scenes privileges, I too would do so.”
6 “Gangster.” “When I close my eyes, I picture this dish wearing backwards sunglasses and a sweat band, with bleached-blonde hair.”
7 “Killer.” “I do believe that I could consume so many of these that it may become harmful to my health.”
8 “Bank.” “This is not just ‘money,’ this is bank.”
9 “Outta Bounds.” “Any expectation I had of what food should taste like has been shattered. I will promptly depart on my ’67 Camaro and spread the gospel of this revelation back in California.”
10 [Nothing, a.k.a. “The Silent Walk-Off”] “This dish is worthy of highest praise. By heaven’s good graces, I shall remain quiet while the angels sing a hymn of appreciation. May the rightful king or queen of Flavor Town now assume the throne.”