Diplo’s 1 Million Fan Release: Celebration or Social Media Ransom?

Photo by Drew Ressler/Rukes

Photo by Drew Ressler/Rukes

In honor of Diplo’s Facebook page hitting 1 million followers this week, the original don debuted nine new tracks in a bootleg pack via Soundcloud. The compilation, appropriately titled “Diplo’s 1 Million Facebook Follower Bootleg Pack!!!,” features familiar mainstream hip-hop samples and remixes of some of Diplo’s greatest hits.

The Wynn resident’s staples, including “Express Yourself” and “Biggie Bounce” were given fresh beats beneath their famous melodies. Other well-known producers, such as ETC!ETC! and Grandtheft, make appearances on the track list with bass-heavy beats and trap collabs. And a collaborative project with Las Vegas locals Teenwolf and Shelco Garcia made the cut (“Pull Up Dat Booty”), effectively exposing the duo to Diplo’s 1 million Facebook fans.

Diplo essentially held the tracks ransom from the public until the monumental occasion, which isn’t an uncommon method of garnering a following these days. Other artists, such as Light resident Clockwork and Drai’s resident MAKJ, have released bootleg packs for similar milestones—although none have reached the measured level of interweb superstardom that Diplo has achieved.