Dizzy Wright Gets the Best Car Wash Ever in “Everywhere I Go”

Before Internet porn numbed me to the point where DVDA gangbangs are only mildly arousing, I used to get my jollies watching late-night Cinemax B-movies such as The Bikini Carwash Company. Dizzy Wright’s new video, “Everywhere I Go,” reminds me of that flick for obvious reasons—his Caddy gets the double D-luxe wash—except the blond bimbos are swapped out for voluptuous ethnic varieties. Captivating visuals aside, Dizzy stakes his claim as one of hip-hop’s slickest spitters with his clever double-time delivery over a synth-heavy beat as thick and bouncy as the girls in the video. The lead single from his State of Mind EP, the 2013 XXL Magazine Freshman makes sure to rep his city with the turn-up-inducing refrain: Everywhere I go turn into Vegas/Now it’s time for y’all to get wild. Ironically, this will probably get played everywhere except Vegas clubs. ★★★☆☆