Comrade Grumpy Would Like You to See a Movie Once in a While

comradgrumpy.jpg There you are in the middle of a perfectly serviceable conversation on the relative merits of Captain McLuskey’s law enforcement techniques when some bore sweeps the leg out from under you with a well-timed “I haven’t seen The Godfather!” You choke down an instinctive “Shut the fuck up, Donny,” but then they scoff right in your October-red face: “I mean, it came out before I was born.” Crippling pop culture ignorance isn’t itself an unforgivable crime (it’s merely distasteful, like owning The Boondock Saints on Blu-Ray). What’s as unforgivable as Little Bill Daggett, though, is the perverse insistence thrown about typically (though not exclusively) among the under-30 set that age is somehow an excuse. You know what else came out before you were born? The Rolling Stones. Gone With the Wind. Goddamn Shakespeare. (He wrote 10 Things I Hate About You.) The world existed before you. It will continue to exist after you’re gone. And, presumably, you’ll hope someone remembers.