Get ‘Turned Up to Death’ With The Lonely Island Comedy Crew

In the Golden Globe winner’s first SNL hosting gig since he left the cast in 2012, Andy Samberg and his The Lonely Island cohorts satiated our thirst for viral clips with a double-dose of Digital Shorts on May 17. The innocent “Hugs” featuring Pharrell juxtaposes itself against the sexually explicit braggadocio of mainstream rap. With steady flow and serious expression, Samberg riffs, Hug so many ladies, arms shaky and shit/cuz I’m the Wilt Chamberlain of the upper-body grip.

In “When Will the Bass Drop?” Samberg dons a cheesy wig as DJ Davvincii. His equipment consists of only a computer and red “bass” button resembling the Staples “easy” button, and he teases rip-roarious nightclub spectators until they’ve “turned up to death” (literally) at guest star Lil Jon’s behest. With help from pop chart-climbers, the comedy crew mimics our culture’s penchant for repetitious bangers from the inside out. And the results are damn catchy.