Summer Fashion Advice for the Fellas

Photo by Anthony Mair

Photo by Anthony Mair

Both tourists and locals alike have benefited from the keen fashion sense of Stitched senior buyer Sam Glaser. He’s doing the Lord’s work, rescuing hapless men from graphic tees and too-long jeans. And while he can’t save them all, he’s made peace with the fact that “the weirder people look, the better for Las Vegas’ world-class people watching.” So gentlemen, it’s time for a man-to-man talk.

What are the top three wardrobe essentials for the Las Vegas man this summer?

One, acetate shades by Tom Ford. Two, cotton non-denim pants; see AG. Three, amphibious loafers; see Sperry or Swims. Bonus: above-the-knee shorts.

The Las Vegas heat eliminates many clothing options. How can a guy look properly dressed while still staying cool?

With layers. Walk in dressed up, then stash the top layer(s) as it heats up.

I’m just a dude at a pool party. How can I project “sexy” rather than “douche”?

Choose shirts or tanks with textures like slub cotton or tri-blend, not heavy graphics. And lose the board shorts in favor of the more grown-up, above-the-knee options. Micro prints are cool; skulls and dragons not so much.

I have a pocket square. What the fuck do I do with it?

Fold it like a rectangle (think Mad Men) or poof it by pinching at the center (think Boardwalk Empire). Pocket squares can complement a tie, but should not perfectly match.

What easily fixable sartorial misstep do you most often see tourists making?

Too-long pants. Or untucked dress shirts, which are fine casually, but unacceptable with a blazer or dress shoes.

Murse—yes or no?

Guidelines for picking out a murse: Empty your pockets, slap yourself squarely across the face, then put everything back into your pockets. Option 2: Find a briefcase or messenger bag.

“These [fill in the blank] cost hundreds of dollars! Why won’t the bouncer let me wear them into the club?”

White Gucci sneakers. And the bouncer won’t let you in because you look like a clown in expensive sneakers.

Is it ever OK to wear a blazer with shorts?

Totally: for an epic entrance to your polo match or croquet tournament. Actually, this look is acceptable for a nice brunch and resort-y vacation environments.

How do you feel about madras plaid? Seersucker? Any styling tips to prevent a fella from looking like an 80-year-old man while sporting them?

Use sparingly. A seersucker sport coat is cool, but save the seersucker suit for your Floridian retirement. Same for madras, which play best for those looking to display their pretentiousness.

How do I wear a suit without looking like I’m going to a business meeting or a funeral?

Avoid all-black suits—color of the year is bright navy. Also, look for color palettes that combine black with navy, or textured fabrics like pindots or micro-patterns.

What are the essential ingredients for outfits that will make a guy stand out and get noticed for all the right reasons?

Sparingly consider the small details: a pocket square or lapel flower, a stylish shirt placket (the vertical piece of fabric where buttons live) or brightly colored shoelaces or socks—just
not all at once.

What’s the most manly, rugged way to pull off a floral print?

With a beard. Or as a layer, peeking out from beneath a cardigan or lightweight jacket.

Suppose I’m a guy with a pretty solid collection of suits. I like them and they fit well, but they’re feeling a bit stale. What sort of tailoring can I consider to freshen them up?

Consider adding a contrasting thread color to one or two of your button holes (lapel and sleeve, for example) or upgrading your buttons from plastic to horn.

Deep Vs: Yay or nay?

In moderation, best layered underneath a casual woven. Warning: Deep Vs carry a douche risk, and there’s nothing wrong with a shallow V.

What about sockless loafers?

Acceptable, but better with hidden loafer socks.

Are bolo ties really coming back, or is that just a vicious rumor?

This is a tongue-in-cheek iteration of the Southwest/Tribal/Americana trends we’ve seen. It should come and go rather quietly.

If you had a one-sentence fashion manifesto, what would it be?

Dress with conviction.

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