Bottle Service? We’ve Got a Drone for That

Photo by Teddy Fujimoto | SPYONvegas.com

Photo by Teddy Fujimoto | SPYONvegas.com

Bottle fairies, you’ve had a good run. But like all childhood whimsies, that’s only going to be tolerated for so long. Now it’s time for the military-industrial complex to take over. Marquee Dayclub co-owner Jason Strauss has started testing bottle drones at the club, according to his Instagram (see video below). We assume these are piloted out of Creech by operators trained specifically to Bubbly with Extreme Prejudice.

You don’t get drone delivery until you’ve purchased a minimum $20,000 bottle buy, and a spokeswoman for the club says they’re not operated by Marquee employees. See? Creech’s secret Baller Bunker makes a ton of sense now, doesn’t it?

Drones not fancy enough for you? Check out the luxe bottle service packages at the new Drai’s Beach Club and Nightclub, where $737,000 buys you a flight in on a private jet.

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