YG Gives Us a Glimpse of His Krazy Life

Hard Rock Live, May 26

Photo by Alexander Zayas

Compton rapper YG’s Memorial Day concert came with this onstage PSA: “Y’all can gang bang, throw up your set—but no fighting.” That said, it was a harmless affair, albeit a gloriously ghetto one. Joined by hit-making producer du jour DJ Mustard, YG performed in front of a makeshift façade of his mom’s house, running through his gangsta party opus, My Krazy Life. My favorite part of the night? The crowd participation. “Who showing titties in this motherfucker?” YG asked the 18-and-up crowd before taking another question burning on my mind: “Who trying to get onstage and shake their booty?” Bless the youth of America. What followed was a shameless ass-dropping display to club banger “Left, Right” as YG drunkenly rapped You know I fuck you like I’m fresh out of jail, right?. There was a moment of introspection with “Sorry Momma,” complete with a live saxophone solo. Thankfully, the sobriety didn’t last long—raunchy ignorance is the man’s strong suit. Special guest Ty Dolla $ign popped in for the sexually explicit “Or Nah” before YG bounced back with BFF-anthem “My Nigga.” It was dirty. It was wild. It was a little frightening. I’d gladly do it again.★★★✩✩

I Just Wanna Party
Bicken Back Being Bool
Meet the Flockers
I’m Good
Bitches Ain’t Shit
Toot It and Boot It
You Broke
This Yick
Left, Right
Do It To Ya
Me & My Bitch
Really Be (Smokin’ N Drinkin’)
1 AM
Thank God
Sorry Momma
My Nigga
Who Do You Love?

Photos by Alexander Zayas