Weekend Kombat: Backstreet Boys vs. My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult

Kickstreet's back, all right!

Kickstreet’s back, all right!

Everybody has hard choices to make about how they’re going to spend their weekend. Some choices are harder than others. This week’s showdown: One of the ’90s most iconic boy bands vs. one of the ’90s most vile industrial bands. FIGHT!

Backstreet Boys My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult
What: Sweetly harmonized bubblegum pop for the masses. Discordant, sleazy industrial for that one scumbag roommate you had in college. Advantage: Thrill Kill Kult.
When/where: Planet Hollywood, then Chateau, Friday. Cheyenne Saloon, Saturday. Advantage: Push.
Named for: An Orlando flea market. A British tabloid headline. Advantage: Thrill Kill Kult.
Chief unpleasantries: The involvement of noted scumbag Lou Pearlman. The Guess we’ll go with the demon girl simulating on-stage oral sex with a Jesus figure nailed to the cross during the Sexplosion! tour. Advantage: Push.
Sex on: Your bed, covered in rose petals guuuuuurl. Wheelz. Advantage: Thrill Kill Kult.
Mashup potential: Blackstreet Boys: “No Diggity” vs. “I Want it That Way.” My Life With the Thrill Kill Kilt: “Amazing Grace” vs. “Leathersex.” Advantage: Backstreet. Like we said last week, EVERYTHING sounds better with “No Diggity.”

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