Private Jetiquette: Epic Selfies, Custom Grub and Maybe Even the Mile-High Club

Photos Courtesy Aero Jet Services

Photos Courtesy Aero Jet Services

In a town like Las Vegas, PJs (that’s “private jets” to the rest of you) are nearly as common as commercial flights, so one just never knows when the opportunity to climb aboard might present itself. Especially during the summer festival and holiday season. With that in mind, it’s probably best to keep your manners in their full, upright and locked position with these tips from Todd Spitzer, vice president of sales with Aero Jet Services.

What are the most common faux pas committed by private-jet-setting newbies?

Showing up with more passengers than were originally intended, changing destinations at the last minute and showing up late.

Is it true that on a private plane I can surf the Web, Skype, call my pals and upload selfies to my Instagram feed through the entire flight?

Yes. To be marketable in this industry most aircraft must have Wi-Fi. The importance of having fully accessible technology is one of many reasons private chartering is favorable among clients. Whether it’s a business or pleasure-trip client, most want to have full Web accessibility, and be able to send and receive emails and text messages. Wouldn’t you want to be the envy of your friends and pucker up for that private-jet selfie?

But private jets are only for millionaires and rock stars, right? Is there ever any way it makes sense for a “normal” person to consider chartering a jet?

There are many different ways that “normal” people can fly privately. One way is buying an “empty leg” on a jet. Aero Jet specializes in offering these at a reduced rate.


Will there be a stewardess on board?

Well, actually, they’re called cabin attendants. On a heavier “cabin class” aircraft, there’s a small galley where they can prep food and beverage. They’re not classified as flight attendants, but they do provide a safety role with their knowledge of CPR and first aid, and will assist in case of an emergency. They are not considered a crew member, though, but are considered a passenger on the flight.

Will I get peanuts or mini pretzels?

Special beverages, catering and other personal favorites will be on board per client request. From martinis to sushi—no request is too small. Anyhow, who wants peanuts when you can have pistachios, or even a PayDay bar?

Can I join the mile-high club?

What happens on an aircraft stays on an aircraft.

How much luggage can I bring?

Each aircraft has its own size and space; it’s best to speak with the person coordinating your flight. Smaller aircraft allow a carry-on and small bag. Our larger aircraft have greater storage capacity, and can fit large items, including ski gear or an abundance of Louis Vuitton baggage.

Can I bring my dog?

Yes, Fido and Lola are warmly welcomed. In fact, clients may order special catering as well for their furry loved one, although there may be an additional charge for cleanup.

Are private jets as safe as commercial flights?

The charter world is governed by FAA regulations. These are the guidelines that the FAA has given to charter companies to follow in order to provide on-demand travel for clients. All pilots are heavily trained and go through recurrent training throughout the year and continual training for emergency situations. All of our pilots are rated as an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) and have about 7,500 hours of flight time and experience.

Can I just show up at the executive terminal and catch a ride? Is arranging a jet flight like calling a cab?

From the initial phone call, a client can be in the jet and ready for their destination within two to four hours. The process begins with selecting the aircraft and then asking the client about their travel plans. For example, what are their arriving and departing destinations, and how many passengers will be flying? Once that is initialized, we create a quote and present it to the client. Once the quote is accepted there needs to be a guarantee of payment. After that is successfully completed, all passengers must give their names, date of birth and passport information [for international trips]. At that point, the client receives a “trip sheet” that has all the details.

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