Summer of Doom


Demon Lung plays the Doom in June festival June 7

There’s only one underground music extravaganza you should be prepping for this weekend: Doom in June IV at Cheyenne Saloon.

This festival of heavy, sludge-riffing rock is back, this time with two days and nights’ worth of 22 bands from all over the country. Kicking off the event at 5 p.m. June 6, Las Vegas atmospheric-instrumental trio Spiritual Shepherd will celebrate the release of The Monkey’s Paw EP. The band excels at conjuring dark, menacing grooves. Aggressive enough for headbangers and sufficiently artsy for the post-rock crowd, Spiritual Shepherd expertly navigates the space between sonic realms.

Other local acts you should catch during Doom in June: Lotus (June 6); female-fronted stoner-doomsters Demon Lung (June 7); and death-doom quartet Spun in Darkness (June 7). Oh, and one last update on Doom in June: The night of June 7 will be closed out with a Black Sabbath tribute band from Salt Lake City called Irony Man. Nothing like an ersatz Ozzy to wrap up a doom-metal fest. (Don’t blow out your hearing, though. Las Vegas Death Fest is next week, June 12-14, at LVCS, boasting 56 international death-metal acts.)

If that’s too much metal for your lobes, there are more, um, piercing options. Celebrating “20 years of depravity,” Orlando, Florida, industrial-metal maniacs Genitorturers will flay Cheyenne Saloon at 10 p.m. June 8. Led by sexy siren Gen, this performance-based ensemble isn’t above grabbing an all-too-willing audience member and rending his or her flesh in the name of art. Man, I used to love seeing this band play grungy Orlando clubs in the early ’90s, back when Marilyn Manson & the Spooky Kids opened for them. Also on the bill: Las Vegas alt-metal quartet Wretched Sky.

For some jam-heavy blues-rockin’, I suggest Austin, Texas-based duo Greyhounds at Brooklyn Bowl at 10 p.m. June 9. Tagged as “Hall & Oates meets ZZ Top,” this band walks a line between pristine pop and raw retro-stomp. The single “What’s On Your Mind” is nothing short of a Southern dance-floor-igniting masterpiece.

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