Drones in Dreamland


No doubt about it, the desert breeds some weird shit. From flora to fauna to our sparkling city of artifice itself, we live in an inhospitable landscape made inhabitable only by man’s own forced hand.

Some of the desert weirdness we talk about; some we don’t—or if we do it’s with a wink and a nod—because we don’t know the truth (except that it’s out there). I’m specifically thinking of the continuing enigma of Area 51, a.k.a. Dreamland, the mysterious military region that continues to fascinate. The books dedicated to this subject could fill a small library, but if you’re less interested in theory and more fascinated by action, you can’t do better than Dale Brown’s Dreamland series.

Brown, with co-author Jim DeFelice, has churned out titles in this series at a rate of more than one per year since 2001, his latest bringing readers to No. 15, Drone Strike (Harper Collins, 2014). Brown, a former Air Force pilot himself, is one of those writers who can turn out a couple of books a year, but his detailed knowledge of military weaponry keeps his titles from descending into mere potboilers.

Brown’s Dreamland series isn’t concerned with Area 51’s intrigue, beyond what the military may be building out there. But that presents its own special weirdness in itself.