The Spendiest Cuppa in Vegas

civet_cat_no_creditSurprisingly, cat-poop coffee doesn’t taste like shit. Kopi luwak is the most expensive coffee in the world, and its beans are extracted from—gird your lunch—cat poo. The luwak, or civet cat, lives on Sumatra, among other Indonesian islands, where it eats wild coffee cherries, but does not digest the inner bean. Harvesters then collect the civet droppings from the jungle floor to amass the beans. The reason kopi luwak is so valuable is because of an enzyme in the civet’s stomach that removes the acidity from the bean, resulting in an extremely smooth and mellow cup of coffee. You can buy kopi luwak in Las Vegas at Artisanal Foods (2275 E. Sunset Rd., 702-436-4252), where 200 grams will cost you $100. It’s good to the last dropping.


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