Celine Feels Airport Guy’s Pain

Oh sure. No one wanted to believe us when we tried warning everyone that the Canadian Mafia was a real thing. But here’s incontrovertible proof. Celine Dion–a noted Canadian–has just publicly expressed unqualified support for McCarran Airport squatter and native Canuck Richard Dunn.

If we don’t act soon, this entire town is going to be overrun by moose. It’s bad enough you walk around right now and see Kings fans, wearing their jerseys out in the open like it’s nothing to be ashamed of and everything.

Everyone’s favorite iPad-and-loneliness warrior Richard Dunn’s video spurred Celine into doing a vid of her own, where she invited Dunn to come to her Coliseum show the next time he was trapped in town. And she’d let him use her bathroom. So things are really looking up for Richard Dunn.

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