Where to Eat at EDC


Fact: You are going to dance up an appetite at this weekend’s Electric Daisy Carnival. Fact: You only have general admission tickets to the three-day dance fest at the Las Vegas Speedway. Now, those neon, furry legwarmers may start to look like delicious kill, but trust us, they are not edible. Luckily for you (and the raver chick in the legwarmers) some of Las Vegas’ best food trucks are going to be serving tasty eats to the GAs, so you can reenergize and get back to glowsticking till Avicii’s laptop finger goes numb.

  • Take the binky out of your mouth and replace it with a sausage. Sausagefest will serve The Abe Froman ($9), created especially for EDC: smoked polish sausage, pastrami, grilled onions, sauerkraut and house Russian dressing. Getting a case of the 5 a.m. munchies? Have no fear: Sausagefest will also serve $7 breakfast burritos.
  • Dragon Grille will have its original Dragon Fries and pork dumplings available, both $8 and both better than a cuddle puddle.
  • If the kandi on your wrist isn’t enough to curb your sweet tooth, Bake My Day will be selling jumbo cupcakes in flavors such as cotton candy and bubblegum, as well as house-made, from-scratch cookies—everything for just $5.
  • Lobsta Trap will have you rolling with its Cali-style lobster roll, which tops Maine lobster with avocado ($14-$16). Of course, if rolling is not your thing, stop by Sully’s Taste of Chicago for a Chicago-style dog.
  • Can’t Dutch This will serve its hand-cut Belgian and Dutch-inspired fries (with sauces named after your favorite Dutch DJs!) for $5. They’ll also have a photo prop box, so you and your friends can memorialize your awesome outfits while waiting for your fries.
  • Sin City Dogs will serve a special vegan dog along with its classic dogs. The truck will also debut a new dessert at the event, a take on a donut, topped with powdered sugar and white chocolate.
  • Oming’s Kitchen will have its $8 Sinugba pork belly and $7 lumpia (Filipino eggrolls) available, giving “blissed out” a whole new meaning.
  • Peace, love, unity and … gyros! The Hummus Factory will be serving its chicken kabobs and Mediterranean gyro sandwich with fries.
  • Still not satisfied with your dining options? Stop by Wa Da Pho for some Asian fusion or Truk-n-Yaki for Japanese. So what if we’re slumming it down here with the other GAs? The party and the food are better, anyway.