Fanboys, Unite at the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con

This is your lucky weekend—here’s why


1 Get your geek on! Judging by last year’s turnout—20,000 fans in three days—South Point is going to be packed wall-to-wall with comic-book nerds for the second annual Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con. So you’ll be able to walk freely among your own kind, discussing the latest developments in Marvel Earth-295 without fear of judgment.

2 Expand your collection. Looking for the perfect collectible piece to go on the shelf next to your original 6-inch Dalek figurine? With more than 300 vendors selling comic books, posters, toys, games and original art, you should be able to find whatever you’re looking for.

3 Cosplay. What would a con be without costumes? Dress up as your favorite obscure comic character (I’m partial to the Punisher’s sidekick, Microchip), or if you’re new to the world of cosplay, the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con offers a seminar on how to build your own costume.

4 Origin stories. Summer blockbusters such as Captain America: The Winter Soldier, X-Men: Days of Future Past and Guardians of the Galaxy started as story arcs in comic books, and some of the most influential writers of those series will be at South Point to meet with fans. Bring your most arcane questions, and remember: If something remains unexplainable, a wizard did it.

5 Perfect EDC counterprogramming. While the rave kids are molling out to house music at Electric Daisy Carnival, the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con provides the perfect alternative for superhero aficionados. Simply put: Deadpool > Diplo.

6 Bigger is better. After the success of the 2013 edition, this year’s convention will have more floor space, more vendors and more attractions for hardcore and casual fans. Special guests include Jim Lee, Rob Liefeld and George Pérez—superstars in the comic-book industry. It’s enough to justify paying $60 for a three-day pass.

7 Support the Las Vegas comic community. Las Vegas has a large, if somewhat untapped, comic-book community, and event organizer Jimmy S. Jay says that with continued strong turnout, this con could be here to stay. “We couldn’t understand why there wasn’t already another large-scale event here,” Jay says. “What we wanted to do was cater to the local market first, because people here really care about their comics.”

June 20-22, South Point Hotel; Tickets: $25 Friday, $35 Saturday, $25 Sunday; 3-day pass, $60;

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