MythBusters Bring Their Debunking Act to the Orleans


Is it just me, or is it more than a bit ironic that MythBusters television duo Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage are launching their live tour, Behind the Myths, in Las Vegas? After all, Vegas is America’s foremost mythological city, trafficking in dreams of instant riches and the notion that anything you do here has no further implication once you board that plane home. Such ideas—myths in themselves—may not jibe with reality, but they make our city hum. Does that mean that, as locals, we’re all “busted” by implication? Well, ironic or not, kudos to Discovery Channel’s MythBusters for bringing their rational approach to reality here, at the Orleans Arena on June 21.

A healthy dose of science-based reasoning should be welcomed anywhere in America, where certain segments of the population seem intent on dragging us back to the Dark Ages. The long-running show has proven popular with audiences around the world, and this tour follows a successful 28-city outing last year. Don’t miss your chance to see the men behind the myth-busting, and take a stand for science.

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