Instagrades: Best EDC Outfits

You came, you saw, you partied…and along the way posted a bazillion Instagram photos of your groovy Electric Daisy Carnival getups. Nightlife writer Kat Boehrer shares some of her favorites.

The Classics:

Tutu? Check. Furry booties? Check. Nymph-like accessory? Also check.

Cutest Couple:

Where’s Waldo? At this year’s EDC, apparently.

Kandi King:

Because there’s no such thing as too much kandi.

Most PLUR:

Would you like a flower?

Best Rave Booties:

No, we’re not talking about footwear this time.

Best Which-One-Doesn’t-Belong Themed Outfits:

It’s the Cat in the Hat, the Things and…their normal friend.

Most Resourceful:

Who says you need lots of fabric to make a good costume?