More Drama Than Songs: Tamar Braxton’s Concert Plays Like a Reality Show

House of Blues, June 20


Photo by Wayne Posner

The 37-year-old “baby” of the soul-singing Braxton family stayed true to the dramatics that made her a fan favorite on Braxton Family Values. After performing only three songs, Tamar Braxton abruptly exited the stage, leaving her background dancers standing motionless for more than a minute, at which point Braxton’s husband-manager Vincent Herbert announced that she was feeling a bit under the weather and would take a short break. Fast-forward more than an hour: Braxton returned to the stage, apologized to her “Ta-Martians” and lip-synched songs, such as “Hot Sugar” and “All the Way Home.” She then dialed up enough strength to vocally power through “Love and War” with the help of selected audience members who joined her onstage to bring down the house for the loyal fans willing to wait and witness Braxton’s show within a show. ★✩✩✩✩

Photos by Wayne Posner