Upcoming Shows: Goth-Pop, Serpent Sludge, Psyatic Pain

The March Violets play

The March Violets play LVCS June 27 (Photo courtesy of uberviolet.co.uk)

The best cure for an EDC-inspired hangover? Music made by real humans with guitars and drums, instead of DJs with MacBooks. Here’s your recipe for recovery.

British post-punkers the March Violets advance into LVCS at 10 p.m. June 27, bringing their danceable grooves and goth-pop guitar riffs. Singer Rosie Garland still boasts a knack for melody and wistful lyrics. Some of you ’80s kids are familiar with the Violets’ ebullient “Turn to the Sky,” featured on the soundtrack to John Hughes’ 1987 masterpiece Some Kind of Wonderful. Also on the bill is local dark-rockers Close to Modern.

L.A. thrash-punk-sludge poisoners Cobra Venom return to Las Vegas to inject sonic toxins into Double Down Saloon at 10 p.m. June 28. Their 2012 album Extinction Reality remains a favorite, thanks to its heavy, “pure rock” beats. Once you hear “Ghost Ninja” and “Cold War Battle,” you’re gonna lose your shit (and maybe your teeth) in the mosh pit. My grill is coffee-stained, but I still might wear my son’s football helmet.

Speaking of headgear, Hard Hat Lounge continues to host cool shows spotlighting local bands, this time featuring the Psyatics, the Swamp Gospel and Gentlemen of Four Outs. I’m most stoked about seeing the first act on this 10 p.m. June 28 bill, since their outré garage rock makes me smile wickedly, especially upon hearing the opening chords of “Bourbon Sway.” This trio also shines on the sexy, bass-loping song “Stole Your Girl.” If you haven’t absorbed the Swamp Gospel’s strychnine-drinking, snake-handling blues-rock, you’re in for a sadistic treat.

Finally, California post-hardcore ensemble Touché Amoré touches down at Hard Rock Live at 5 p.m. July 3. The band’s third studio disc, 2013’s Is Survived By, earned raves, and I admire every claustrophobic moment of this crushing release—from the drum kit-pummeling “Just Exist” to the progressive-rock jangle of “Blue Angel.” Also on the bill: Pennsylvania emo-rockers Tigers Jaw and punk group Dads.

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