Doggie Summer Camp Keeps Your Chihuahua Chilly


It’s the age-old question when you’re planning a summer vacation: What the heck do I do with my dog? Taking the pup on a road trip can be tough, but you’re hesitant to kennel your canine in the heat of summer. Camp Bow Wow Las Vegas kennel manager Michele Samaniego told us how her facility keeps dogs cool.

How do you keep the kennel comfortable?

Our facility is temperature controlled: Our doors are open to our back area, but we have refrigerated flaps that help keep the air inside the building. The dogs can just run in and out through them. The building never goes over 78 degrees. If it does, we have an alarm that sets off to let us know that it’s getting too warm, and we adjust it accordingly.

Have you ever had a dog that just loved the heat?

We do have a lot of sunbathers. Our counselors who are in the yard with them monitor how long they’re staying out. And then in our back areas we have a canopy, so there’s a shaded area—and we have play pools as well.

What should we know about walking our dogs in the summertime?

Walk them early in the morning before the sun comes out, or later at night. And you definitely don’t want to be walking your dogs on asphalt. It will burn the pads off of their feet, literally. There are little booties that you can buy for their feet that can protect them. But basically, if your bare foot can’t be on it, their feet probably shouldn’t be on it.