Wash That Pooch! 

Photo by Julia Szydelko

Photo by Julia Szydelko

OK, I’m not ashamed to admit that my 100-pound boxer mix and I sometimes share our bed with my wife. And when she’s down from her pedestal long enough for a bath, I think she deserves more than a hose in the yard. The dog, that is. Almost every weekend, I bathe her. I enjoy it; I’m guessing she enjoys it, too. But there are limits to our relationship.

I am loath to bathe her in our tub or shower with all the attendant hair and other unmentionable debris that must be scrubbed away before it’s once again fit for humans. So it’s worth it to me to take her to a DIY dog wash. The tub, water, aprons, shampoos, conditioners, facial wash, ear cleaner, towels, brushes, combs and dryers are provided. A final spritz of perfume commemorates the occasion. The most important convenience, though? The cleanup.

My favorite is Henderson’s The Soggy Dog with its ubiquitous coupons that knock the price down to $10. A Happy Dog Wash boasts a bright, cheerful environment. Those in the far southwest Valley are lucky to have Barking Dogs—which in addition to luxurious bath facilities, has an enormous selection of food and clothing, as well as a bakery case full of fresh post-bath treats.