Vegas Nocturne Could Be Leaving Rose.Rabbit.Lie.

Photo by Erik Kabik |

Photo by Erik Kabik |

When Rose.Rabbit.Lie. opened in January, it had two big things going for it: An innovative menu designed by former Daniel Boulud Brasserie executive chef Wesley Holton, and a fully integrated entertainment program, Vegas Nocturne, by Absinthe creators Spiegelworld.

The club might soon be down to one of two. Insiders are saying that Spiegelworld has informed Rose.Rabbit and Cosmopolitan executives that they’re intending on moving the show to a new location. Performers were told on Thursday that they’d be moving location.

According to one player in the show, “We’re all kind of in panic mode.”

The show is supposedly in talks with a new venue in town to bring it to a different home. It would make things awfully tricky for Rose.Rabbit, given how baked-in the Nocturne experience is to the operation. The stage rotates just so performers can get in and out of the main show in the ballroom to hustle to their bartop vignettes. The secret room with the bathtub empties so hand-selected guests can invade the end of the first canto as part of the show. This sort of stuff is going to be tricky for any new production to shoehorn into, if Nocturne does depart.

This all comes about two weeks after it was announced that Rob Weakley, co-founder of Coastal Luxury Management (which is a partner of the Cosmo in Rose.Rabbit.Lie) would depart the company, and supposedly let go of four Rose.Rabbit managers.

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