Farewell to Ticket Cake

Sad news is whispering through the Downtown tech scene: Ticket Cake, the online platform that allows event organizers to track promotions and market more effectively, is shutting down.

Joe Henriod, Dylan Jorgensen and Jacqueline Jensen launched the company in 2011 when they became the major nightlife ticket supplier for the Sundance Film Festival. They moved the company to Las Vegas in May 2012, and became one of the first startups to receive money from the Vegas Tech Fund, the local seed stage fund of the Downtown Project. In March, the company had 320 event organizers who used TicketCake.com, and processed $1.5 million in ticket sales.

After moving to Downtown, the three founders became involved in the local tech community, appearing regularly at events and hosting the Downtown Podcast in their home in the Ogden. Inc.com featured Henriod, Jorgensen and Jensen earlier this year in a video project focusing on what life is like when you’re running a startup.

News of Ticket Cake’s demise came on June 24, when the trio hosted a small gathering of friends and supporters to celebrate the life of the company. On July 8, they posted a video announcement on the Downtown Podcast’s YouTube channel (see above), with the message: “We don’t pretend to know the secret behind creating a successful tech startup. But, our team can agree the lessons we learned while building TicketCake.com were powerful, life-changing and will stay with us forever.”

Luckily for the community, they won’t be going far. Jensen is now working at Originate, a company that partners with startups to design and invest in software products, and Jorgensen is working for the Downtown Project as a “collision scientist.” All of the events currently listed on the site are still happening, according to Jensen.

“While we will each be going forward to new projects, we can say we had the privilege of starting something from nothing and experienced a lot of wins along the way,” the founders wrote in their message. “It’s been a remarkable ride, and we appreciate all of our supporters for being alongside us the entire way!

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