Presto—It’s Open!

Presto watermelon radish salad

The watermelon radish salad at Presto Café

Health-conscious readers will want to know that a second Presto Café quietly opened its doors in Green Valley on July 5 (19 S. Stephanie St.,, and things should be in full swing for an August 9 grand opening. Every time I go to the original (4950 S. Rainbow, 702-293-3332), it always seems like there are so many green things on everyone’s plates—accentuated by trendy whole grains such as quinoa, faro and couscous—but it never feels as pretentious as, say, the salad bar at Whole Foods. Fresh fruit and vegetable smoothies sit on each table, chock-full of super foods for those who like drinking their nutrients.

I’m a fan of the pides, oval flatbreads with toppings such as barbecue chicken, Gruyere, cilantro and red onion, or the Italian’s meatball slices, pomodoro, mozzarella, olive tapenade and chilies. A selection of sandwiches rounds out the menu, including the B.Ruben, with corned beef, cabbage slaw, Gruyere cheese and Russian dressing on interesting raisin rye bread, and the Ham & Cheese Please, where bacon cheese bread serves as a vehicle for local ham, more Gruyere, blueberries, Funyuns and chili mayo. Okay, so not everything here is health-freak status.

If you were a fan of the Northern Chinese cuisine at Downtown Grand’s Red Mansion, our condolences. The small dining room has been shuttered to make way for private dining, but the menu has been resurrected just down the way at Stewart + Ogden, now simply S+O (702-719-5100), from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. So you don’t have to go too far to get your fix of spicy wontons with garlic sauce, crispy beef, shumai dumplings, Sichuan fish or ma po tofu with pork.

The happiest hour for a restaurant is always at the end of the night, and now, that last hour at Emeril’s New Orleans Fish House (in MGM Grand, 702-891-7374) can be happy for you, too. Regular happy hour is from 2-6 p.m., but those in need of some “Bam!” later in the night can head back to the bar at 9:30 p.m. nightly. Shucked oysters on the half shell will run you $1.50 a pop, Lagasse’s signature barbecue shrimp is $7 ($10 less than in the dining room) and a half-pound ’Weeziana-style crawfish boil is $12. You can even get down with a grilled petite rib eye with country-smashed potatoes for $22. Bam!