Tony Hsieh Goes Atomic, Brody Jenner Hits the Decks and Claire Sinclair Geeks Out


The Comstock Lode was, in addition to the thing that gave us George Hearst as a character on Deadwood, the discovery that kicked off a land rush in Nevada, as miners flocked to the state to get their hands on that sweet, sweet silver.

Sure, our state has had other, less old-school land grabs since then. But it’s always nice to see these things come back into fashion. It’s comforting. Like, we could start walking up and down Fremont Street with a pickax. It’s just bringing 19th-century quirks back in style, not unlike the resurgence of mustache wax.

Tony Hsieh is keeping a fine tradition alive, though. His Downtown Project recently acquired the land underneath Atomic Liquors for $3.48 million from Lance and Kent Johns, according to Atomic still has a 10-year lease, and it will continue to operate under its current management. In a Facebook post, Atomic’s powers-that-be were quick to ward off speculation that the classic bar would become another notch in DTP’s bedpost, writing: “Downtown Project does not and will never own Atomic Liquors. … Atomic Liquors is still and always will be independently owned and operated and not influenced nor controlled in any way by Downtown Project or Tony Hsieh.”

Sure, but we’re going to be irate if that parking lot becomes llama-only.

Brody Jenner is looking to stake his own claim on the DJ life. He’s already had dates around the country, including in Atlantic City. On July 18, Jenner stopped by Hyde Bellagio to make his Vegas DJ debut. He even snuck some Kanye into the set, despite not going to Yeezy’s wedding to Jenner’s stepsister. In fact, Jenner is on record as saying Kanye is like a stranger to him. Maybe this is the first step toward a second season of Bromance.

Claire Sinclair is using her hiatus from Pin Up to make a play for some of that abundant, never-ending nerd money. While Sabina Kelley keeps the Pin Up seat warm, Sinclair is spending her week at San Diego Comic-Con to promote her comic book Wonderous: The Adventures of Claire Sinclair. It’s a series that asks the question on everyone’s mind: What would happen if Sinclair was a broke college kid who volunteered for medical experiments and ended up with super powers? We know that’s the first thing we were thinking of when we saw those Playboy pictures.

Though this does make it some combination of the Super Bowl, Christmas morning and hitting the lotto for anyone who’s been waiting for Sinclair to dip into cosplay. Congratulations: Your time has finally come.

Ronda Rousey may have been trying to carve out her own piece of fighting immortality when she said she could beat Floyd Mayweather in an MMA-style fight. (Her boss, Dana White, agreed, because what else is he supposed to say?) But Mayweather wasn’t impressed. When a reporter asked him about Rousey on July 15, Money said he didn’t know who “he” was. Claim denied, apparently. On the bright side, this means that the chances of Mayweather and Rousey ever having a child together are slim. Because that child would be terrifying, and none of us would be able to stop it without military intervention … or at least a really sharp pickax.

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