The Quitters Eviscerate Hipsters in New Video

You could accuse Las Vegas punk classics The Quitters of going after easy targets in their latest video, “Hipster,” but when the target environment is this rich, who could really help themselves?

The veterans shave off some of the rough edges in this cut from Contributing to Erosion, but they unload both barrels of scorn as a nameless, faceless schlub dons his khaki-on-khaki uniform in a room borrowed straight from Repo Man (where he reads “Magazine” and has posters on the wall for “Band”) and wanders through an Inferno-esque landscape, if Dante were surrounded by bicycle-riding contrarians with a Warby Parker fixation.

The Quitters—occasionally in full Mumford & Sons getup—take a playful swipe at Downtown as our hero navigates Art Square, the Las Vegas Camera Club and the Velveteen Rabbit. Well-worn fodder like bacon, Instagram and handlebar mustaches all get their turn. But their sharpest-observed animus is reserved for the background hipsters and disinterested concert-goers who can’t be assed to look up from their phone at the world around them. If only half the crowd were filming instead of watching.

“I want to be a hipster/but there is just no way/that I could be that cynical every single day/There are too many ideals/that I’d have to obey/in order to be part of the cliché,” Marq Roqsberg growls. On the nose? Sure. Any less true? Depends on how well you can explain where the hops came from in your craft beer.

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