Iggy Azalea Is So Fancy, So 2014

Boulevard Pool at the Cosmopolitan, July 26

Iggy Azalea performs at Boulevard Pool at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas July 26_Kabik 4_LR

Photo by Erik Kabik/ Retna/ ErikKabik.com

It’s not so easy being Iggy Azalea. Critics have targeted the 24-year-old Australian for being an inauthentic rapper because she adopts a Southern drawl when she spits. Others have labeled her a pop star and scorned her for not singing her own hooks. But Azalea’s live show proved that these critiques are built on misnomers. Azalea is not attempting a boxed-in identity. As suggested by the title of her debut LP, The New Classic, this millennial has found success with her own amalgam of musical styles and cultures.

Besides backup dancers and singers, the only stage prop was the metallic facade of “Hotel Iggy,” itself a symbol of cultural exchange. She executed choreographed dances far better than Britney during the EDM-inspired “Bounce” and delivered rapid-fire rhymes faster than many a male counterparts on the Reggae-flavored, femme-boosting, “Lady Patra.” And when she closed with the undeniable banger and number one single “Fancy,” no one seemed to mind that she did it to a backing track of Charli XCX’s vocal chorus. Then Azalea bucked tradition and performed the song twice in a row—one last example of how she doesn’t care to be boxed-in. ★★★★✩

Beat Down
Fuck Love
My World
Don’t Need Y’all
Change Your Life
Murda Bizness
Drop That
Lady Patra
Black Widow
Fancy (Encore)

Photos by Erik Kabik/ Retna/ ErikKabik.com