Boston Reels Back the Years

The Joint at the Hard Rock


Photo by Wayne Posner/

For a band whose hits have been so firmly embedded into the classic-rock canon for nearly 40 years, Boston remains largely unfamiliar as a live act. Primarily the brainchild of innovative guitarist and notorious perfectionist Tom Scholz, the band has released just five albums following its landmark 1976 debut, and its touring schedule has been equally sporadic.

Performing at the sold-out Joint in the wake of 2013’s Life, Love & Hope, Boston’s first studio recording in more than a decade, the band stuck mainly to their celebrated first three albums. The 67-year-old Scholz combined with two other guitarists on hits such as “Rock & Roll Band,” “Feelin’ Satisfied” and “Peace of Mind,” allowing the band to re-create its trademark layered six-string harmonies. Tommy DeCarlo, who has been with Boston since the 2007 death of original singer Brad Delp, ably delivered the high-pitched vocals of his predecessor, but his workmanlike effort seemed more like the work of a hired hand, not a marquee performer. With much of Boston’s current lineup joining Scholz in the past few years, the band had the feel of tribute act much of the time, most notably when former American Idol finalist Siobhan Magnus joined them to sing “Walk On.” But once Boston ripped into classics such as “Don’t Look Back,” “More Than A Feeling” and “Foreplay/Long Time,” the decades just melted away, and the songs felt as timeless as ever. ★★★✩✩

Rock & Roll Band
Feelin’ Satisfied
Last Day of School (instrumental)
Life, Love & Hope
Peace of Mind
It’s Been Such a Long Time Interlude
Cool the Engines
Surrender to Me (Kimberley Dahme on vocals)
Don’t Look Back
Something About You
The Launch
More Than A Feeling
A New World
To Be A Man
Walk On/Get Organ-ized/Walk On (Some More) (Siobhan Magnus on vocals)
Foreplay/Long Time


Photos by Wayne Posner/