New Vegan Restaurant to Sprout Up Downtown in Fall

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 11.00.15 AM

A rendering of Carson Avenue near Sixth Street, where vegan restaurant Vegenation will sit alongside another new Downtown eatery, Glutton

Chef Donald Lemperle will open Vegenation, a 100 percent vegan restaurant, Downtown this fall. Located—perhaps ironically—next to chef Bradley Manchester’s planned restaurant Glutton at 618 Carson Avenue, the restaurant will use organic ingredients sourced from local wholesalers including Cowboy Trail Farms. Lemperle describes the concept as global food that is fun and approachable. Organic wines, craft brews and specialty cocktails will complement the menu.

“Our food system is badly broken. We market garbage food towards children,” says Lemperle, a veteran chef who began practicing a vegan diet four years ago for health reasons. “It hurts me to go to the supermarket and see what’s in people’s baskets.”

Lemperle aspires to get the highest, four-star rating from the Green Restaurant Association, which awards points to restaurants on seven environmental issues, from sustainable food to pollution reduction. Mario Batali’s restaurants in the Venetian and PalazzoB&B, Carnevino and Otto—are the only establishments in Las Vegas that have been rated by the GRA, each with two stars.