Peaceful Plunges

Where to find—and how to get the most out of—the city’s best relaxation pools


Maybe you’ve been on a five-day bender, and it’s just time to take it down a notch and recharge. Or perhaps you’re just past your pool-party prime. When shoulder-to-shoulder, bass-driven raging has you yearning for calmer waters, take a dip on the mellow side at one of these (relatively) tranquil Las Vegas spots.

TKOOY_2753_3CAria Therapy Pool

Bob around this heated infinity pool, or grab a lounger and stare blankly into space like it’s your job. No one will bother you, and you’ll never run out of fluffy, clean towels. Although there’s no substantial food on offer (and none of the hard stuff, drink-wise), the spa does have a nice selection of fruit juices and other refreshing bevies. There’s plenty of shade, but if it gets too hot, just duck back into the spa for a dip in the cool plunge and then get back to work poolside … doing nothing. 5:30 a.m.-8 p.m. daily.

Chill level: Lazy, posh walrus.

Who goes there: Spa patrons, hotel guests, locals ditching work.

Getting in: $30 hotel guests, $40 non-guests.

Key facts: This pool overlooks Aria’s Liquid Pool Lounge, a spot that gets a bit raucous on weekends. The DJ’s beats do spill over into the Therapy Pool zone (and even into the spa’s indoor jacuzzi and cold-plunge area), but the noise level is fairly tolerable. On the bright side, Therapy soakers have a nice vantage point of Liquid’s podium-perched go-go dancers’ rear ends.

Don’t forget: A swimsuit. Although this is technically a spa pool, swimwear is required.

Venus Pool

Looking for a relaxing weekday spot in which to eat sushi rolls topless (or watch others do so)? Caesars Palace’s Venus Pool is the place. The 10,000-square-foot, tree-dotted grotto offers cabanas, daybeds, couches and chaise lounges along with a full food and drink menu. DJs spin live here every day of the week, but Monday through Thursday—by Vegas standards—the scene is relatively sedate. Think of it as a way to get a taste of local daylife, without going full throttle. 11 a.m.-dusk daily.

Chill level: Caligula on half a Xanax.

Who goes there: Hotel guests, mostly.

Getting in: Women always get in free, guys are free on Thursdays.

Don’t forget: It’s a major faux pas to bust out the cellphone in a topless pool area. This is strictly a no-picture zone—selfies or otherwise.

Palm Place Sweetness 420Palms Place Pool

A mere $30 spa fee grants access to not only the Drift Spa, but also the Palms Place Pool, perched up on the sixth floor of the Palms Place Tower. Grab a seat on a lounger, splurge on a cabana (amenities include dedicated server, stocked mini-fridge, TV and ceiling fan), or squat on one of several seats plopped right in the shallow end. Take in the lush landscaping, along with a full bar and delicious organic seasonal food from Simon Restaurant. Just pray to whichever gods you worship that no one shows up with their kids. 9 a.m.-6 p.m. daily.

Chill level: Mellow gold.

Who goes there: Hotel guests, bargain-hunting locals.

Key Facts: As mentioned above, there’s nothing to stop breeders with screaming progeny in tow from accessing this area, and all the eye rolling in the world won’t make them vanish. Also, if you’re shy, be advised that, thanks to picture windows overlooking the pool area, diners at Simon may be feasting their eyes on more than just chef Kerry Simon’s delicious food.

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