Peeve of the Week: The Taxicab Illuminati

comradgrumpyI have complained about the quality of taxi service in this town before, and I know I’m far from the only one. But at this moment—after having waited an hour for a cab that never showed up—I feel a particularly incandescent dislike of Las Vegas’ cabs, and I’ve got to preach it. I’ve had enough of the long-hauling, the flat refusal to drive to destinations they don’t like (such as private residences), and above all, I’ve had enough of hearing about the high and mighty “cab lobby”—the Taxicab Illuminati that keeps the monorail from extending to the airport and fights to keep popular ride service Uber out of this town. I’d like to say two things to this organization, if it actually exists: We wouldn’t want Uber here so badly if you cared at all about your local customers, and you need to realize that our transit problems are far, far bigger than your ability to solve them. Just let us have Uber, willya? You’ll still have plenty of tourists to haul the long way around, and locals can actually get a ride within an hour of when we want one.

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