Flosstradamus’ Mad Decent Designs

Flosstradamus—a.k.a. Josh Young and Curt Cameruci—have a unique fashion perspective to go with their unique fusion of EDM and hip-hop musical vibes. The two are best known for running the trap as industry leaders, and have recently released bass-heavy tracks featuring rappers such as Casino, Travis Porter and Waka Flocka Flame. With the rise to DJ stardom, Young and Cameruci have also created a solid fashion brand with a cult following that shows up at each show decked out in Flosstradamus’ HDYBYZ- and HDYGRLZ-labeled merchandise. The duo recently embarked on the North American mega-tour, the Mad Decent Block Party, which will be arriving at Encore Beach Club on August 17. This tour stop also features a handful of EDM heavyweights, including Dillon Francis, Grandtheft, Paper Diamond, Paul Devro and Mad Decent label boss Diplo. We exchanged a few fashion-forward words with the trap-masters.

Describe the Mad Decent Block Party tour and what your part in that will be like.

Young: It’s a meeting of like-minded individuals. Las Vegas is the home of just turning up and going crazy. And there are already so many legendary EDM festivals and nights that take place there, so I’m coming into it expecting the utmost energy from the crowd, and I think we’re gonna get that energy and give it right back to the kids.

The August 17 show at Encore Beach Club is going to be outside. What does Flosstradamus wear when it’s too hot to wear your signature hoodies?

Young: The hoodies have become [more] for club shows or even the first couple of songs and then we take them off. Those summer festivals, they get so toasty, it’s pretty impossible to actually rock the hoodies for the full set. Since Curt and I linked up—or before we even linked up—we’ve always been interested in fashion. We have a certain distinct set of tastes and the way we look at fashion. Having Flosstradamus blow up so much has given us a platform to actually release some of our tastes into the world. We’ve got our own line, and we’ve got to push and release some of the clothes that we like to wear ourselves. You can definitely expect some HDYBYZ gear.

How much input do you have with the design of the HDYBYZ and HDYGRLZ brands?

Cameruci: We’ll submit a bunch of ideas. I’ll mock up some shit in Photoshop and be like, “Yo, make this.” Our team will go and get it developed and turn it into real product. They’ll also come to us and suggest ideas as well. Then we can tweak those and fiddle with them. We do a lot of the design, and everything that’s Flosstradamus branded, we have a hand in it.

Are you going to do a sneaker collaboration? That’s something I would expect from you guys.

Cameruci: We’d like to. We haven’t been approached by any companies yet. But we came out with our own slides, like our own sandals. So those are for all of the cozy boys out there, trying to just keep it casual in the clubs. But that wasn’t a collaboration, that was all in-house. We’re always open to suggestions and collabs.

What are your favorite shoes to wear these days when you perform?

Cameruci: I’ve been wearing Gucci slides. But when we’re performing, I take ’em off. I’m just in socks. So my footwear of choice during a show is socks.

Young: That’s totally true. He just wears socks. I’ve been wearing Jordan Futures.