Oh, Mama! This EP Rocks Hard


Venerable local band Mama Zeus is a rarity, not just for Las Vegas but for the world we now live in. They’re a thoughtful, 1970s-style rock band born of the alt-rock bombast of the 1990s, one that doesn’t have a single strand of pretentious hipster DNA. They seem content with you simply banging your head to their booming constructions in your car. This self-titled, seven-song EP, several years in the making, serves up everything that’s always been great about Mama Zeus: the purring guitars, the heavy-footed rhythm section and singer Nicole Sottile, whose soaring vocals on “Umbrella” and “Falling” propel those songs into the realm of the timeless. All the parts fit together perfectly in “Goodbye,” the lovely piece of Beatlesque psychedelia that closes the record. We should all hope that the name isn’t prophetic, and that we’ll hear from Mama Zeus again. ★★★★✩

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