Hey, Mister [Celebrity] DJ: Brody Jenner Jumps on the DJ Bandwagon

The reality show star hits the scene in an unexpected way—and gives us a lesson in celeb-stalking etiquette

The reality show stud spinning at Hyde. Photo by Denise Truscello.

The reality show stud spinning at Hyde. Photo by Denise Truscello.

It’s hardly surprising that Brody Jenner—reality-show hunk and stepsibling to pop culture’s most ubiquitous family (ugh, the K word)—would follow the footsteps of so many of his famous peers: right up to the decks. What does come as a shock, however, is that out of the herd of DJ dilettantes, it’s the dude who puts the “Bro” in Jenner who has taken it upon himself to actually learn the craft of dropping beats. Before a recent set at Hyde in Bellagio, the heartthrob revealed a deep respect for the art of DJing, along with a few pro tips for those interested in getting up close and personal with the celebrity spinners who grace our city’s turntables.

Has music always been a part of your life, or is this a new thing for you?

I grew up playing the drums in a band called Face Humper. It was your basic surf-rock band. I never really got into the whole DJ thing, although I’ve always been friends with a lot of them.

So how did you end up in the DJ booth?

I’ve been doing personal appearances since The Hills. I’d show up and basically just stand there in the club, drinking alcohol, doing nothing, and I just got sick of it. Finally, I just reached the stage where I said to myself, “If I’m going to continue to do appearances and show up at these places, I have to do something.”

So you’re not just pushing play?

A lot of people tried to get me into Traktor, which is one of the systems used for DJing that has an auto-sync button, so it’s easy to use. But I wanted to learn, so I told my manager. He said, “Are you serious?” and I said, “Yeah, I want to try it to see if I can do it.” So we ordered the equipment, and it came to the house and I just looked at it like, “Whoa.” I had no idea even where to start. That was about a year ago.

Did you have a mentor, or someone teaching you the ropes?

William Lifestyle started coming over to teach me how to transition from one song to the next, and I just really liked being around him. He’s got such positive energy and we worked well together, so I said, “When I start playing out [at clubs], let’s do it together.” Ever since then, every gig, we’ve played together.

So, how’s it going?

To be honest, I don’t consider myself a DJ. I’m learning the craft. It would be disrespectful to call myself a DJ, but I’m having fun.

Brody Jenner and William Lifestyle

Brody Jenner and William Lifestyle

Do you take requests?

When I first started learning, I sent DJ Vice a text and said, “Hey, I want to apologize for ever making a request.” Guys like him, he’s able to drop [a request] in, because he’s a pro—but for me? I would try to be nice, but for me it’s hard to do.

Do you often get approached  by fans? Is it something you’re cool with, or would you rather just be left alone?

Yeah, for sure. I’m blessed to be in the position I’m in. It would drive me crazy if people weren’t approaching me—I made the decision to be a public figure.

Let’s say I’m out on the town and I spot my favorite celebrity—what’s the best way for me to make contact with them?

Be calm. Be respectful. Don’t interrupt someone when they’re having dinner. If you want a picture or whatever, just wait until the right moment—when someone’s in mid-conversation, it’s not a good time. Or at the urinal. That’s not appropriate.

What’s a big no-no for the celebrity approach?

The ones that drive me crazy are the people who act familiar, like they know my life. Saying stuff like, “Why would you do that to Kim?” I just look at them like, “You don’t fucking know me.”

Is there anything that has surprised you about this whole DJ thing?

I did it as something to do, but once I started, it tripped me out how much I honestly enjoyed it. I catch myself at home practicing, discovering new artists.

Will we be seeing you in Las Vegas more often?

Only when I have an appearance. Vegas always gets the best of me. Honestly, I’d rather be chilling at home with my dogs.

Do you play sets for your dogs?

Nah, they’re just puppies. I don’t want to hurt their ears.

Love him, hate him or love to hate him? Follow the Prince of Malibu on Twitter: @BrodyJenner.

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