Breakfast Poutine: It’s a Thing, and Now So Is Breakfast With Guy Fieri

Guy Fieri's Vegas Kitchen + Bar_PanoREMade LV, the highly anticipated latest restaurant from Kim Canteenwalla and Elizabeth Blau, finally makes its debut on August 18 at Tivoli Village (702-685-4015). The menu was released shortly before opening, and created a bit of a frenzy with its interesting, grown-up comfort food. Mason jars—the trendy food and beverage vehicle as of late—make an appearance, and there’s a whole portion of the menu dedicated to stuff in them, including lentil-and-chickpea hummus served with pita chips and crudité; pimento cheese with saltines and breakfast radishes; and a spread of chopped chicken liver, accompanied by grilled bread and ice-box pickles. Other dishes elicited exclamation points when I read them: breakfast poutine! How are fries topped with turkey gravy, cheese curds and two eggs not already a thing? Smoked ham hock nachos take the humble Tex Mex dish and elevate the ingredients with pale-ale queso, cowboy beans, Anaheim peppers, roasted tomatoes and grilled scallions.

Speaking of dishes taken to the next level, Guy Fieri’s Vegas Kitchen & Bar (in the Quad, 702-731-3311) has rolled out its breakfast menu, much like how you’ll be rolling out of the joint after this meal. Starting at 8 a.m. daily, you can break your fast—or feed your hangover—with a Fieri-brand feast. The dishes are about as over-the-top and bacon-heavy as you’d expect, with highlights such as battered chicken-fried bacon served with creamy scrambled eggs over buttermilk biscuits and gravy, meat-laden carne asada chilaquiles and maple-bacon French toast. Also part of the most important meal of the day? The customizable Bloody Mary bar, which not only lets you choose your booze, spice level and garnishes, but also what sort of beer back and/or meat (as in pepperoni, shrimp or chicken apple sausage) you might like to add to it. Oh, and you can also supersize it up to a 52-ounce fish bowl. Because if you’re starting your day with Guy Fieri, you may as well start out on top.

For a more genteel take on the most important meal of the day, Tableau (in Wynn, 702-770-3463) recently announced Tim Henderson as its new executive chef. This isn’t Henderson’s first tour at Tableau; he’s served under Botero’s Mark LoRusso as executive sous there, as well as working in kitchens at STK in the Cosmopolitan, Andrea’s in Encore and Old Homestead at Caesars Palace. And he’s already putting his own touches on the elegant, daytime menu, including seasonal dishes such as a vegetable frittata with squash blossom salad; and Maine lobster salad with English peas, Boston bibb lettuce and quail eggs. There’s definitely less gravy happening at this restaurant compared with Fieri’s, but hey, to each their own.


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