Dash Berlin Returns to the ‘Dance Capital of the World’

The veteran producer also teases his upcoming album, "We Are (Part 1)"

dash_berlin_by_william_rutten_WEBDash Berlin boasts a long-running and very successful career that’s stemmed from producing some of the most noteworthy trance and house hits of all time like “Till the Sky Falls Down,” “Waiting” and most recently, “Here Tonight.” Berlin continues his legacy with a residency at Marquee Nightclub, and on August 29, he’s coming out with an album, We Are (Part 1), for which he teamed up with a handful of big-name producers and some intriguing vocalists. During a recent stop in Las Vegas, he gave some insight into the making of his newest project.

How did you decide on which vocalists and producers to work with on the album?

It’s kind of a combination of what you want and what you get handed with Armada Music; they helped us find the right vocalists. We had to go through quite a lot of vocalists to eventually come up with the ones who are featured on the album. I think one of the strong songs is the track with Roxanne Emery, who is the sister of Gareth Emery. We made the music for it, not with actual beats, but more with music and composing around that vocal.

Do you write more of the lyrics or do you let the vocalists take care of that?

That depends. Sometimes you have a good vocalist who is also a good songwriter, but that doesn’t necessarily go hand in hand. Sometimes we adjust or come up with something ourselves. You don’t have a specific strategy when you’re making music. You’re not always using a melody, you’re not always using a vocal and you’re not always using a beat as a starting point.

What is your favorite track?

“Here Tonight.” That track had so much anticipation before it actually came out: a lot of hype, a lot of extra media attention on blogs, and on [the] radio. I started playing it in my sets as an ID, and people at that point were already like, “What is this?!” And we were like, “We cannot reveal it yet!” Eventually the time was right. We had the launch of the single and—like I said—we just shot the video for it in Mexico, and that’s gonna be amazing. We [also] have a crazy remix package to accompany the original.

Who are some of your favorite producers to work with? Or maybe even to hang out with?

I really enjoyed hanging out with Jay Cosmic, who is one of the collaborators of “Here Tonight.” We just shot a video in Mexico together with Collin McLaughlin, which was a lot of fun. Because of the traveling schedule, you have to work a lot by sending files back and forth. When you’re actually spending some time together, that’s when you get to know each other a little bit better. I enjoyed meeting up with Justin [3LAU], doing a track with him and Bright Lights that’s called “Somehow.” That’s gonna be a really special track, and it was really nice to share the stage with him while doing a show at the Boulevard Pool at the Cosmopolitan and later [at] EDC.

Can we expect a We Are (Part 2), or even a (Part 3)?

Yes, there is gonna be a Part 2, and I’m hoping to drop it also this year. We’ve already been working on some new music since we knew Part 1 was going to launch. [There is] no specific date yet because we are still working on the music.

What is it that keeps you coming back to play for Marquee and Tao Group? 

We really operate as a team. From Day One, I’ve been a resident at Marquee. I know for a fact that the crew at Marquee, at Tao Group, they gambled with me as a resident. We work together on the shows, and we pitch each other ideas about how to do things. We want to grow organically to a higher goal and make the shows better every time. That’s what’s making me come back: Because we can work together. It’s not like you walk in, do a show and leave. We know the people who at first gambled with Dash Berlin.

Las Vegas is a super hot spot on the EDM map right now. I think it’s becoming the Dance Capital of the World. To be in a city with all of the dance heavyweights and having a resident spot at Marquee—which is one of the hottest clubs—for me, it’s just a dream come true.

Catch Dash Berlin August 23 and 29 at Marquee.

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