Not-So-Fabulous Las Vegas

Show closings, lawsuits about show closings and a reprehensible assault add up to one really bad week

Sydney After Dark

Sydney After Dark

There have been worse weeks in the world of Las Vegas entertainment and sports. It’s just that those ones tend to involve things like the MGM fire disrupting show schedules, or the NFL deciding once and for all that no one in the city could ever say “Super Bowl” in public ever again. Or Jeff Dunham signing a residency here.

So yeah, things weren’t that bad. But they weren’t great, either. Like in the continuing saga of Vegas Nocturne, the former centerpiece show at Rose.Rabbit.Lie. that departed under what are turning out to be less-than-ideal circumstances.

In a press release made out of equal parts napalm, kerosene and oily rags, Spiegelworld, the parent company of Nocturne, thundered from the rooftops that it was dropping a law bomb on the Cosmopolitan for allegedly sabotaging the show, failing to pay employees severance and trying to stop the show from moving to another venue.

The suit, filed in Clark County District Court, claims that the Cosmo (or, specifically, its management company, Nevada Property 1, LLC) was responsible for the early termination of Nocturne on July 13, took costumes and props, and didn’t stop misappropriation of funds, like when a contractor used show cash to pay for trips to strip clubs.

Really? You charge seven or eight lap dances to the company account, and all of a sudden it’s a lawsuit? We thought this was America.

In a statement, the Cosmo shot back: ““While it is typically the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas’ policy not to comment on pending litigation, the plaintiff’s lawsuit is entirely without merit. We will vigorously defend our position and expect to prevail.”

Meanwhile, Sydney After Dark, the lady answer to Thunder From Down Under’s all-Aussie revue, is getting ready for its as-yet-unannounced final performance, just a month after the show premiered at Planet Hollywood. In a statement, a spokeswoman for Sydney cites the fact that the PH Showroom was too big for the show, but that the production “will be announcing our new home soon.” If a lack of intimacy is a problem for the show, there’s allegedly a Cosmopolitan contractor with some thoughts on how to correct that.

The Riviera’s Pawn Shop Live! The Lost Episode is also boarding it up. The stage parody of Pawn Stars will run its course August 21. The show relocated from the Golden Nugget to the Riv in April, and on July 14 it was retooled as “The Lost Episode.”

On the sporting side of the equation, the Cleveland Cavaliers denying UNLV fans the chance to see Anthony Bennett play alongside LeBron James—the Cavs are sending Bennett along with this year’s first overall pick Andrew Wiggins to Minnesota for Kevin Love—was far and away the least depressing sports tidbit of the week.

No, that comes courtesy of MMA fighter Jon “War Machine” Koppenhaver, who allegedly beat ex-girlfriend and porn star Christy Mack so badly on August 8 that she couldn’t speak. Among other things Koppenhaver tweeted after the incident, “I’m not a bad guy. I went to surprise my gf, help her set up her show and to give her an engagement ring, and ended up fighting for my life.”

As of press time, Metro was still searching for Koppenhaver, who was arrested in 2009 for brawling with security at Krave.

After this most recent incident, Koppenhaver made it sound like he was going to go on the lam when he tweeted, “The cops will never give me fair play, never believe me. Still deciding what to do.” Those are among the more scumbaggy tweets in Koppenhaver’s timeline. But if you’re interested in losing even more faith in humanity, by all means, check out the rest.

Koppenhaver’s promoter, Bellator MMA, immediately dropped him as a spokesman August 8.

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