Housekeeping Startup Maidly Focuses on Convenience, Small Touches


There’s nothing more satisfying than coming home to your apartment after a long day of work to find it sparkling clean—the floors immaculate, the once-crusty stove gleaming. But for busy Las Vegans, finding a reputable cleaner and setting up an appointment can be almost as time-consuming as doing chores.

Enter Maidly, a local housekeeping startup that’s grown in popularity thanks to word of mouth and the passion of its founder, Rachel Baker. A product of the early-stage business accelerator Progression Labs, the Maidly website allows users to get instant quotes and schedule cleans online.

Baker first came up with the idea when she was looking for a cleaning service for the office of her husband, Andrew Crump. (The two had relocated with their two children from England to Las Vegas when Crump’s startup Bluefields, now Mitoo, got funding from the Vegas Tech Fund.) It took Baker three days just to get a quote.

“I thought ‘There has to be something easy and effortless.’ And there wasn’t,” she remembers.

Baker began by raising $45,000 and participating in Progression Labs’ winter 2014 session. She says her business has doubled each month since launch, with very little marketing beyond the website and Facebook page. Currently, she employs six housecleaners, working in teams of two.

My guess is the growth comes from Baker’s focus on the fine points of customer service. She trains her staff in things like folding towels with hotel-quality precision, and aims “to make each cleaning fun” by leaving small samples of products, candles or pet treats for the customer. If she knows you’re ill, she’ll have the maids drop off some chicken soup after a clean.

So what’s in store for the future? Baker wants to grow the business and develop partnerships with similar services. She recently closed a deal with the 24/7 dry cleaning and laundry service Mint Locker, so her employees can drop off customers’ clothes.

“I think the key to success is sticking to one thing and doing it really well,” she says.

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